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Red Corner is a 1997 American mystery thriller film directed by Jon Avnet, and starring Richard Gere, Bai Ling and Bradley Whitford. China attempting to put together a satellite communications deal as part of a joint venture with the Chinese government. Red Corner was shot in Los Angeles using elaborate sets and CGI rendering of 3,500 still shots and two minutes of footage from China. In order to establish the film’s verisimilitude, several Beijing actors were brought to the United States on visas for filming.

The judicial and penitentiary scenes were recreated from descriptions given by attorneys and judges practicing in China and the video segment showing the execution of Chinese prisoners was an actual execution. Upon its theatrical release in the United States, Red Corner received negative reviews. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times described Red Corner as « a contrived and cumbersome thriller designed to showcase Richard Gere’s unhappiness with Red China, which it does with such thoroughness that story and characters are enveloped in the gloom. The Chinese do this better to themselves. Cynthia Langston of Film Journal International responded to the film, « So unrealistic, so contrived and so blatantly ‘Hollywood’ that Gere can’t possibly imagine he’s opening any eyes to the problem, or any doors to its solution, for that matter. In his review in the Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan called Red Corner a « sluggish and uninteresting melodrama that is further hampered by the delusion that it is saying something significant.

But its one-man-against-the-system story is hackneyed and the points it thinks it’s making about the state of justice in China are hampered by an attitude that verges on the xenophobic. Salon film critic Andrew O’Hehir noted that the movie’s subtext « swallows its story, until all that is left is Gere’s superior virtue, intermixed with his superior virility—both of which are greatly appreciated by the evidently underserviced Chinese female population. 5 star rating, stating that Red Corner was « A semi-powerful thriller let down by pedestrian direction and a lacklustre Richard Gere. Even so, newcomer Bai Ling and an unblinking stare at the Draconian Chinese legal system prevent Red Corner from being an open-and-shut case » and describes some scenes depicting the harsh treatment of the Chinese legal system as « thought provoking » yet describes the rest as only « mildly entertaining ». Full cast and crew for Red Corner ». Corner’: A Heavy-Handed Battle With Justice in China ». King David is a 1985 American epic historical drama film about the life of the second King of the Land of Israel, David.

King David was released by Paramount Pictures which was also the production company, on March 29, 1985, while in other countries it was released in 1986 and 1987. Upon release, the film received mostly negative reviews aimed for its screenplay writing, pace, some of the acting and the action sequences. However, Gere’s performance and the cinematography were praised. The film follows the life of David, drawing mainly from biblical accounts, especially I and II Samuel, I Chronicles, and the Psalms of David. The film was not well received by the critics, with The New York Times calling it « not a good film ». I think there are a few things in it that are interesting.

But, I think there are so many things that are wrong. We never liked the script we never really caught the friendship between David and Jonathan. There weren’t enough scenes between them. I think Richard Gere was miscast. He is a wonderful actor but he is much better in contemporary pieces.

SCREEN: ‘KING DAVID,’ A BIBLICAL EPIC ». Er hat drei Schwestern und einen Bruder. Der protestantisch erzogene Gere bekam auf einer Nepal-Reise 1978 einen bleibenden Eindruck von der östlichen Spiritualität. Seit Anfang der 1990er Jahre bekennt er sich zum Buddhismus und gilt als Freund des Dalai Lama. Ab 1996 war er mit der Schauspielerin Carey Lowell liiert, 2000 wurde ihr gemeinsamer Sohn geboren. Gere und Lowell heirateten im November 2002, trennten sich im September 2013 und wurden im Oktober 2016 geschieden.