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We recycled reprocessed uranium from 1994 to 2013, before stopping following an unsatisfactory effluent treatment process. For two years, we have been working on rebuilding a strong and competitive sector. Intermediate French for Diplomats PDF allows us to recycle a valuable material and reduce our purchases of uranium, » explains Denis Lépée, director of the nuclear fuel division at EDF. Rhône, should again consume 600 t of enriched reprocessed uranium.

And from 2028, one and then three reactors of 1,300 MW should be added to this program. 1,300 t of enriched reprocessed uranium are used per year, which only then makes it possible to start reducing stocks. Today, EDF recycles some of its spent fuel through MOX, used in about twenty reactors. While, for its reuse, reprocessed uranium, must undergo a conversion phase and then be enriched again, this new sector will not benefit Orano. The fuel assemblies – to be produced at Framatome’s facility at Romans-sur-Isère in the Drôme region of France – will incorporate uranium that has been derived from the reprocessing of used fuel at the La Hague plant. Once enriched, this uranium can be used again to fuel nuclear power reactors.

EDF is to use the fuel assemblies in a number of its reactors, which have been authorised to use such fuel. EDF has made provision to store reprocessed uranium for up to 250 years as a strategic reserve. 1045 tonnes of reprocessed uranium converted into stable oxide form for storage. Under these auspices, ASN has ordered the national radioactive waste management agency ANDRA, to prepare a feasibility study on the disposal of reprocessed uranium. French cohort of uranium enrichment workers potentially exposed to rapidly soluble uranium compounds, by Zhivin S, Guseva Canu I, Samson E, et al.

French nuclear industry are those employed in nuclear fuel fabrication. Comments have to be submitted by December 17, 2011. Areva impedes download of its reports On Sep. The reports prepared by Areva are only viewable as page images, impeding the download of the documents.

George Besse II centrifuge enrichment plant. MELOX MOX fuel plant: the plant can withstand major earthquakes and floodings. France issues new regulations for major nuclear facilities On Nov. 2007-1557 du 2 novembre 2007 relatif aux installations nucléaires de base et au contrôle, en matière de sûreté nucléaire, du transport de substances radioactives , J.

The uranium recovered in the former Marcoule reprocessing plant has never been recycled into nuclear fuel at all. It still stays at Marcoule, in the liquid form of uranyl nitrate, 3800 t owned by EdF, and 4800 t owned by CEA and Cogéma. The research had been performed from the mid-1980’s, co-financed by COGEMA from 1993 to 2002. After COGEMA has made a decision to replace its Eurodif gaseous diffusion plant by centrifuge technology, the SILVA programme will be discontinued.

Around eight kilograms of plutonium were believed to have been stored at the site when it was in operation, but some 22 kilograms had been discovered to date and the final figure could be closer to 39 kilograms, the nuclear safety watchdog ASN said. The underestimation of the quantity of plutonium sharply reduced safety margins designed to prevent fissile material reaching critical mass, « which could potentially have serious consequences for the workforce, » the ASN statement said. See also: WISE Paris release Sep. On June 15, 2004, the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission denied petitions to intervene filed by Greenpeace International, Charleston Peace, and Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and directed the Office of International Programs to issue the export license. On June 16, 2004, the U. On November 7, 2003, the U.