Gouvernance PDF

Our mission Over a billion people in Africa need their governments to provide gouvernance PDF, schools, sanitation, jobs and much more. When governments fail to deliver, it’s the poor that suffer most.

Depuis les années quatre-vingt, nous sommes entrés dans une «  »société de risque » », aggravée par une succession de crises inquiétantes : politiques, économiques, financières et sociales. La gouvernance classique est en panne face à la faillite du système. Ce livre est une contribution au débat sur les conséquences inquiétantes des crises et des risques. C est aussi un plaidoyer pour une prise de conscience globale en vue de la mise en place d un nouveau système de gouvernance planétaire.

That’s why AGI’s mission is to support effective governance in Africa – to make government work for the world’s poorest people. There you stand, trying to rebuild a nation in an environment where everyone wants to see change take place right away. Only you cannot, because the capacity to implement whatever change you had in mind does not exist. This support has helped leaders to bridge the gap between their vision for a better future and their government’s ability to implement it.

The advisors we have funded work with political leaders and public officials to develop the skills, systems and structures they need to get things done and meet the expectations of their citizens. The work AGI has supported has been : Shoulder-to-shoulder and leader-to-leader. AGI has funded advisors who are based full-time in our partner countries on a long-term basis to work alongside local public servants. This work has been complemented at the leadership level by the work of our Patron, Tony Blair, and a network of other senior advisors and experts who share experiences and advice with the leaders. As of 1 March 2017, the previous AGI Governance Programmes transitioned into the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.